Brandoo Group is a well balanced and experienced team of professionals who are passionate about the challenges they face every day. We are providing modern solutions of 360◦ marketing. The Group consist of three units: Brandoo Creative, Brandoo PR and AdHelp. All of them specialize in online and offline communication.

We work for:

Marketing 360°
  • Brandoo Creative

    We are successful in building and implementing complex strategies full of original ideas as well as in designing a pad cup for our Customer’s hot coffee. We are characterized by hybridity and complexity. Uniqueness and flexibility are also the factors thanks to which our creative team stands out from the crowd. There is no such challenge that we would like to avoid. Check us out!

    • Strategy
    • Creation
    • Events
    • Design
  • Adhelp

    AdHelp is a set of advanced tools enabling running modern Internet marketing. We position and optimize websites. We also prepare and realize AdWords campaigns and conduct audits. Our aim is your e-business developing faster and achieving top positions in the search engines.

    • SEO/SEM
    • Internet analytics
    • Audits
  • Brandoo PR

    Building good relationships with your customers during the times of social media is the basis of effective marketing. Creating a set of recommendations is an essential element of any effective campaign. The scope of activities that we provide from such fields as public relations, social media and CSR guarantee market favor for our Customer’s initiatives.

    • Media Relations
    • Publishing
    • Blogging
Join us

Our team is a mixture of creativity, experience and precision gained in the projects carried out for companies such as Unizeto Technologies,, SGI Baltis or Unity Line. Thanks to the competences that we have, we constantly come up with more and more brilliant and innovative ideas. It turns our work into a real pleasure.

Would you like to work with us? We are looking for creative people, which follow latest trends in internet communication.

If it YOU

feel ivited to our team..

  • SGI

    The project of web site for one of the biggest building developer in Poland. The company run investments in various Polish cities. Our goal: to make it as easy as possible for an end customer to select the apartment they would like to buy.

  • Websecurity

    Designing and running the expert web service (wortal) about security on the Internet. The service was realized for Unizeto Technologies.

  • Golden trip

    Education portal for Polish Financial Supervision Authority. This website is an element of biggest project dedicated to children. It helps to understand how works financial market.

  • Unizeto

    Informating services and mobile iPad application. Goal of this action is present the advantages of e-invoices but it is one of many tasks for this client.

  • Unity Line

    Author’s realization of transfer classic web for mobile service. With this you can know everything about ferry services with Scandinavia in all places in the world.

  • HCKventure

    The project of advertisement website when qualified software teams from all the world can come together with potential customers. Originator and founder is StartUp Foundation.

The most interesting projects we were happy to run.

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